Yet another remarkable photoshoot features the accomplished laureate of Miss Pakistan Universal 2022, the esteemed Dr. Shafaq Akhtar. Her commendable accolades span across a trio of international pageants: Miss Aura International, Miss Planet International, and Miss Elite. Impressively, she has elevated Pakistan’s standing by securing a triumvirate of titles—namely, Miss Humanity in the esteemed Miss Planet pageant, the coveted Miss Rixos Sungate (Sponsor Title), and a notable Top 20 placement in the esteemed Miss Aura International 2022. 

Both Syed Ali and Shafaq Akhtar emerge as triumphant victors on the grand stages of major international competitions, inherently enriching the tapestry of Pakistan’s pageant realm. With Syed Ali’s astounding four titles clinched within the Mister National Universe pageant, complemented by Dr. Shafaq Akhtar’s impressive trinity of titles, they stand as inspirations to the budding youth, beckoning their participation in the annual Mr. and Miss Pakistan competition hosted in Lahore, Pakistan.