Sonia Ahmed
President – Mr. Pakistan

About the Founder of Mr. Pakistan World: Sonia Ahmed, the visionary entrepreneur, introduced Mr. Pakistan World in 2011, a groundbreaking pageant for male models. With an unparalleled dedication to fostering Pakistani talent, she established this competition to offer a stage for young men to display their prowess, intellect, and cultural heritage on a global platform. Her inventive outlook has metamorphosed Mr. Pakistan World into an emblem of distinction, championing charisma with a purpose. 

Through her pioneering leadership and unyielding commitment, Sonia Ahmed, the founder of Miss Pakistan World in 2002, has not only revolutionized conventional beauty pageants but has also instigated a worldwide movement that honors the multifaceted attributes of Pakistani men. Her efforts advocate for positive transformations and empowerment, portraying her as the driving force behind an extraordinary legacy.