London based Syed Shah, is the new Mr. Pakistan World 2021. Born in Pakistan and then moved to Hong Kong, and finally the United Kingdom, he is the founder of a Digital Marketing Agency with branches around the world. On top of that he has professionally worked as a model for 4 years and is a social media influencer too. He has completed his Masters in Marketing and is now busy with the launch of his own fashion line. At the age of 23, Syed has big plans for the Mr. Pakistan World title and is looking forward to doing what he loves, which is promoting Pakistan internationally.   

When asked as to why he participated in the Mr. Pakistan World competition, Shah said, “I would like to be a role model and inspire the youth of Pakistan. I also feel Pakistan needs a proper representation to break the stereotypical views created by the international media. Hence, I found Mr. Pakistan World to be the best platform to represent myself and my country. Pakistan needs a strong positive portfolio and it can only be created by representing Pakistan on different international forums. Social media, intellectual talks and sensible content creation can wipe out Pakistan’s misunderstood image. I want to accomplish a lot for Pakistan through my title.”   

He also added, “Being a Pakistani, I feel we are misunderstood on international platform due to the media. I would like to show the world that we are an amazing country where people are educated, well-equipped and talented. If we are provided with the right platform, we can show the world our strength and capabilities.”  

The winners of Mr. Pakistan World go on to participate in various international competitions around the world. The recent pandemic saw a decline in international pageants due to the travel restrictions however, 2021 seems to be more hopeful for the pageant industry.  

Sonia Ahmed, the President of Mr. Pakistan World, said, “The reason we started Mr. Pakistan World in 2011, was because we wanted to aim to enter in the international competitions. Last year we were unable to attend any competitions as they were not held due to Covid-19. However, this year we will try our best to bring Pakistan back into international competitions. With the vaccinations and changes that we are seeing in travel, we can now aim at preparing much earlier for international competitions. Also, this year we would be focused on charities again. As the most important duty of a Mr. Pakistan World is to help the unfortunate in Pakistan through various charities.”  

In the meantime, besides his love for cricket and being a motivational speaker, Syed Shah is preparing to work with various charities in Pakistan and will be making a trip to Lahore & Karachi in Pakistan as well.