As the lockdown eased in Pakistan, Kevaan Hasnain visited the Sundus Foundation in Lahore, Pakistan. Sundas Foundation was established in 1998 as a Blood Transfusion Center. Before this institution many people started unequipped and unauthorized blood banks on commercial basis. Such blood banks provided unscreened and contaminated blood unfit for the very purpose of transfusion. After the establishment of Sundas Foundation all such quacks have vanished: that is the major service, which we have rendered to community. During the period of sixteen (16) years Sundas Foundation supplied more than 262,584 units of healthy and screened blood and blood products. 

Hasnain along with former Miss Pakistan World 2019 and the current Miss Pakistan World 2020, Areej Chaudhary visit the Thalassemia patients, mostly children. Hasnain gave several toys to all the children to lighten up their moods and spoke about the awareness of the centre to the media. 

The  vision of Sundus Foundation is to provide 100 % free of cost patient care services to Thalassemia, Hemophilia and other blood disorder patients and to help reduce the disease by spreading awareness among the community members through social, cultural & medical campaigns. One of the main goals of Sundus Foundation is to make Pakistan free of genetic diseases. Hasnain will be speaking more on the topic of blood disorders in Pakistan over the year.